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Our electric Bosch equipped bikes can be rented at any station or dock.

To register for membership, see pricing, and view the bike station map, download the BCycle mobile app or sign up online.

How it Works


Join the Movement

Download the BCycle App to sign up for a membership or pay as you go. Request a membership card at signup to unlock bikes even quicker! 



Unlock Pure Joy

Find stations and unlock bikes in the app or use your membership card to unlock bikes. To ensure proper shifting, make sure to stop pedaling when shifting gears.


Go for a Ride

If you are a monthly or annual member, enjoy the first 30 minutes free each time you check out a single bike, and for each additional 30 minutes, a $3 usage fee will apply. For single pass holders, it is $7 for every 30 minutes. Note, the maximum number of bikes that can be checked out is 4.


Lock and Repeat

Return your bike to a station at the end of your ride.

Want more? Pass holders can check out bikes as often as they wish.

How To Check Out A BCycle Bike:

Get to Know the Stations



3.0 Energy Saving Stations

These docks are the most prominent within the system, and you will see these most frequently.

You can check out bikes through the mobile app or with your membership card, by tapping on the dock to power on.

Learn More

Enrollment Kiosks

These stations will allow you to walk away with a membership card that you are able to use at any station to checkout bikes.

Coming Soon!

enrollment kiosks

BCycle e-bike safety:

Get to Know the E-bikes

Santa Barbara BCycle has 250 Bosch powered electric bikes and will continue to expand its fleet.

These bikes are perfect for all skill levels - providing the perfect amount of power to get you to where you are going, without concern. 

Pedal-assist means that you are still required to pedal, but it will give you a boost to make your ride a breeze.

Unlock E-Bikes with Your Phone

Download the BCycle App to find stations, check out bikes, and more.

Sign up today and join the electric movement!


Riding Tips


Obey all Traffic Signs and Signals

Always yield to pedestrians.


Protect Your Head

Wear a helmet.


Always Ride with Traffic.

Use proper bike etiquette and hand signals when turning.


Don't Ride on the Sidewalk

If you must use the sidewalk, walk your bike.


Watch for Car Doors Opening

Ride at least 3 feet from parked cars.


Be Aware of Buses

Never pass on the right and yield to exiting passengers.


Use your Bell

Be heard, be seen. Let others know that you're coming.


Mind the tracks

Cross tracks slowly & at a right angle.


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